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With a host of environmental policies and practices already in place at Son Vell, we are continuing to add environmentally friendly policies and actions in order to tread as lightly as possible on planet Earth.

As we measure and analyse our data, we will continue to move towards further reductions of our energy consumption, work towards plastic free and consistently reduce, reuse and recycle, with the overall aim to create a tight circular economy model.

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Building & Restoration

Our aim for Son Vell, a 17th century manor house, was to restore and revive the building using traditional methods and materials whilst employing the minimal amount of intervention possible. When a property has beautiful bones we always strive to keep much intact for both aesthetic and environmental reasons.

Employing a skilled team of architects and designers using materials such as stone, clay, wood and lime rendering with natural pigmentation, not only shine a light on the extraordinary level of craftsmanship already on display but also work in harmony with the planet. For example, thick stone walls hold warmth in winter and stay cool in summer. Natural materials are also free of toxins and other nasties that can harm the environment and damage health.


We have installed solar panels and geothermal wells which allow us to be 60 percent self-sufficient with regards to our on-site energy usage. The four geothermal wells on the property provide all energy needed for conditioning (cooling and heating water), including all hot water facilities.

We have installed a KNX instant lighting system to regulate exterior lighting by means of a DALI system, a lighting interface using a digital signal to offer more precise and flexible control. This system not only reduces energy use, but also minimises light pollution thereby reducing the negative effects on local wildlife.

To monitor and control the consumption of electricity and thermal energy, LV metres and analysers in the seven main electrical blocks, and energy metres in each one of the main circuits, are used to measure and analyse consumption. As we collect the data we will continue to work towards practical reductions to reduce overall energy usage.

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Amenities & Interiors

Soft furnishings and rugs are chosen or commissioned for their natural fibres such as linen, jute, silk and cotton, and we only use chemical free dyes. Toxin and plastic-free means better for people and planet.

We wash bedding and towels by request to encourage longer gaps between washing. Whenever possible, we use our glorious Menorcan sunshine to line dry bedding and towels to minimise the use of electric dryers.

Bathroom amenities are completely plastic-free and provided by Rowse, a plant-based, organic, vegan and cruelty free beauty brand. For their packaging, Rowse favour glass over recycled plastic, and use recycled boxes for shipments.

Our cleaning products brand partner is a Green Care Professional, committed to people and planet friendly methods. This ensures that all products are manufactured using green energy, all materials used are recycled and both are 100 percent biodegradable for a circular ‘cradle-to-cradle’ production system. Rather than reducing or alleviating pollution, raw materials can be permanently reused with an early intervention system.


Water Saving Measures

On an island that typically sees just 490mm of rainwater per year, it is vital for our operations that we collect and reuse rainwater and wastewater. Collected rainwater is reused as part of an irrigation system that waters the garden.

We strive to reduce wastewater as much as possible. For example, the osmosis water plant and run-off drainage at Son Vell is connected to a sewage system where water can then be repurposed on property.

In order to recover and reuse 100 percent of wastewater for an irrigation system, a 20,000 litre tank collects and cleans wastewater before pumping it into the rainwater tank to feed the irrigation system.

To move away from single-use virgin plastic bottles, our water osmosis plant serves guests purified drinking water in reusable, eco-friendly bottles.

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Gardens & Wildlife

Positioned in an area of sparse vegetation, exposed to high levels of sunshine and vulnerable to land erosion, the gardens surrounding Son Vell have been replanted with a large selection of native plants to support wildlife biodiversity.

Endemic and Mediterranean species are better adapted to the climate thus ensuring lower water usage and helping the ecosystem to become more resilient. Conserving the island’s endemic flora also helps increase local biodiversity as well as blending seamlessly into the landscape.

We cultivate a hard-working organic fruit and vegetable garden to feed our kitchens, and always source additional food from trusted local producers and organic suppliers to minimise food miles.


Part of our sustainability journey is ensuring we have a positive impact on our local community. That is why we work with majority local suppliers and producers when sourcing our amenities and food products.

Our on-site and island-wide experiences are hosted by local people who are all experts in their field. Our activities and experiences aim to enrich the guest experience whilst having a positive impact on the island and its community.

As of 2023, we employ 35% of our team from local communities, and intend to continue developing opportunities within the local community.


We’re lucky that the island of Menorca is richly fertile with excellent quality produce from both land and sea. We have built strong working relationships with farmers, fisherfolk and producers in order to serve seasonal, high quality produce as we seek to work towards a circular economy model.

All our meat comes from native breeds and from farmers who adhere to strict animal welfare standards. We know that our cows, pigs, sheep and hens enjoy a good quality of life – mostly outdoors and organically fed.

When we purchase exotic or non-native produce, we work with trusted local suppliers who also commit to the highest sustainable standards.

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