Arquitectura Vestige Collection


Part of the Vestige brand, Vestige Estudio, is our specialist architecture and interior design studio that makes our vision a reality.

Our firm of architects and designers are expert at bringing remarkable buildings back to life. From 14th-century castles to early 20th-century modernist constructions, in mellow Menorca, sun-kissed Mallorca, the wild beaches of Asturias, the green and fertile land of Extremadura and the earthy Basque Country, we have breathed new life into once proud houses. 

Many of our properties are listed Cultural Heritage Sites, rescued from oblivion and given a new purpose. Using expert architectural restoration methods, we undertake a delicate and detailed process to bring each property back to life by adopting traditional artisan methods and reusing original materials wherever possible. We aim to tread lightly on the planet, repurposing when we can and sourcing ethically and locally when we cannot.

When it comes to design, we enliven our properties with modern art, antique furniture from the family collection and bespoke contemporary items, designed in studio and crafted by a tiny team of makers in Menorca.

Come to live the experience of each hotel and private estate’s timeless beauty and enduring history, perfectly remade for the modern traveller to revel in the luxuries of a blissful holiday.

Restauración Vestige Collection