Vestige Restoration


We went behind the scenes and spoke with Alessandro Mattei, a member of the design team at Vestige Estudio, to discover the special alchemy that creates that palpable Vestige feeling you get when stepping inside one of our hotels or private estates. Oh, and we discussed toilet roll holders.



Vestige Estudio: the team


Based in Madrid and an integral part of the Vestige brand, Vestige Estudio is our dedicated team of 40 architects, designers and landscapers. The interior design team is made up of Alessandro and another five members who take a dynamic approach to working across each Vestige property.

Alessandro believes it is this approach, combined with input from the family-owners, that helps create the sense of connection and harmony that links each property, “The overarching vision comes from the Madera Fernandez family. At the beginning of the process we sit down together, discuss ideas, and then work towards bringing that vision to life. Because we’re working with ancient buildings, surprises do crop up, or we discover something interesting about the history, and in that way the vision evolves over time.”

He goes on to say that, “Although each project is different and has its own particular focus, there is still a thread or common theme running through each building that makes the properties part of a whole. For example, in Menorca, we always work with traditional lime plaster for consistency but vary the colour palette for interest. And we make a note of each unique lime plaster colour choice so that when we repaint a room we know exactly which mix we used!”

Vestige Estudio: the team


Collecting, commissioning and discovering


When it comes to sourcing furniture for our Vestige properties, both our hotels and private estates benefit from access to the Madera-Fernandez family’s extensive private collection of antiques that has quietly grown to a sizable selection over the years.

And it is continually being added to; Alessandro and the rest of the team have relationships with antique dealers across Europe, buying furniture from France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. They also scour auctions and can be found most Sundays at Madrid’s huge flea market, El Rastro. 

The collecting of items doesn’t end there, when original structural components can’t be salvaged, antique beams and columns are sourced as replacements that are as close to the original as possible. 

Beyond antique collecting, the team commission a range of bespoke pieces for each property. From large pieces of furniture to bathroom amenities and right down to the toilet paper holders, 90 percent are designed in-house by the team at Vestige Estudio.


Locals skills and sensibilities


The team also works with local artisans, building relationships and collaborating with skilled furniture makers in Menorca and Asturias. Alessandro says, “The level of expertise is phenomenally high with multi-generations of artisans passing down heritage skills. It’s a delight to form close working relationships with people who understand our vision and values.”

He continues, “The additional benefits of working with local craftspeople means we can reduce the environmental costs of shipping, nurture vital skills that might otherwise be lost and support the local community.”

Alessandro delights in the challenge of working with such a unique project, “As an architect and interior designer I love working on these remarkable estates. The challenges we face are stimulating and rewarding and it’s a fantastic opportunity to work with a team that cares so deeply about bringing such important properties back to life.”

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